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Average Charging Time for Electric Cars at EV Stations?

One major reason for many gas-powered car owners to shift to electric cars is fueling routine. Fueling classic cars takes hours. You have to wait in line at the gas for other to get their tanks full. Even when it’s your turn, you must fill the tank alone. Also, the pressure at the stations is slow. But electric vehicles change the way you can refuel your vehicle. The average charging time for electric cars is lower than for gas vehicles. Depending on the charging point speed, it will take about 30 minutes to 12 hours. Usually, charging points at EV stations are faster than at home charging points.

Average Charging Time for Electric Cars at EV Stations

The charging time for electric cars depends on various factors, including the equipment. Since EV stations have advanced technology and equipment, you can rely on them, especially when you are late for work. Let’s explore the average charging time for electric vehicles.

Today, you will find many public stations for electric cars in your neighborhood. The popularity of electric vehicles in the US encourages many organizations to install electric vehicles. Various factors influence the electric cars charging time. Finding the average time before charging your vehicle at the public station is important. Here are some important factors affecting the charging speed:

1.      Battery Size

Your vehicle’s battery capacity determines the time you will take to charge it fully. Electric cars with high degrees take a longer time to set.

2.      Charger Capacity

There are different levels of chargers based on capacity, and EV stations have Level 3 charging units that recharge an empty battery in less than 30 minutes. In contrast, most home chargers are Level 1 and take more than 12 hours.

3.      Vehicle’s Charging Rate

EV manufacturing companies keep different charging capacity rates for every model. Economical EVs have high charging rate than luxury vehicles.

4.      Battery’s Space

The empty battery space influences the average charging time for electric vehicles. For instance, if you have 80% open battery space, it will take longer to charge than 50% space.

5.      Environmental Factors

Environmental factors such as weather greatly impact electric cars charging time, and low temperature increases the charging time. Also, the vehicle will become less efficient, and you can travel fewer miles with the same battery percentage than during hot weather.

Conclusion – Average Charging Time for Electric Cars

Are you planning to replace your gas-powered vehicle with an electric car? This article was helpful for you in making an informed decision. The average charging time for electric cars is 30 minutes to 12 hours. But, various factors, including the equipment, determines the charging time for electric cars.

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