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Is Car Warranty Transfer to New Owner Possible?

Are you selling your car and want to know if a car warranty transfer is possible? If yes, then you are on the right post. The simple answer is yes, but various factorsmight say otherwise.

Car warranties offered by some manufacturing companies are transferable, but you have to check the terms and conditions for others. However, transferring the warranty from one vehicle to another is impossible.

Even the warranty purchased from the third-party provider is transferable, but before making any decision, discuss it with the warranty provider. They will share the terms and conditions even if a specific condition is involved.

Do Vehicle Warranties Transfer Possible?

A car warranty protects your vehicle from damage to the parts. Normally, the company offering warranty will replace the major parts of your car. Most companies offer three years warranty for the vehicle. When the warranty term ends, you can get an extended warranty. The extended warranty is also transferable to a new car owner.

How Does the Car Transfer Process Work?

Check the coverage type you are getting with the vehicle. If you know the dealership’s name, contact the company and share the VIN with the experts. The representative will share complete information about the kind of coverage and when the warranty is expiring. You don’t need other information for the transfer because the warranty is linked with the VIN. When the VIN is transferred to the new owner, the warranty automatically transfers.

How to Conduct Car Warranty Transfer?

Many vehicle owners hesitate to sell their vehicles before their warranty expires because they think that car warranty transfer is impossible. Some owners also avoid extending the warranty because they believe that the warranty will bind them with the car.

However, you don’t have to worry about the warranty. You will get higher rates by posting the car ad with the warranty information. Almost every vehicle has a transferable warranty, but the conditions are different. Give your vehicle dealership and talk with the experts about the change in ownership.

Also, if you are buying a used car, search for a vehicle with a valid warranty. A warranty indicates that the vehicle comes from a premium brand. Also, you can find the life of a vehicle through an extended warranty.


Car warranty transfer is possible, but the terms and conditions depend on the manufacturing company. You can talk with the manufacturing company for additional information about the warranty. Even if a third-party warranty provider offers the car warranty, you can talk with the representative and gather information about the vehicle.

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