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The top 5 rarest cars of all time

There are many cars coming into the world with self-driving tech, shiny paint, and lots of fun buttons to push. That being said, it can be really difficult to ignore the beauty of a rare and sometimes vintage beauty. To drive this point home (pun intended), let’s dive in and check out a few of the rarest cars around. 

1. The 1927 Bugatti Royale

The design, engine and performance of this car stole the show time and time again. Back in the day, it was reserved for the elite and royals held up in their castles and mansions. While once upon a time, the Bugatti Royale sold for $43,000, these days it would be worth $16 million.

2. 1995 McLaren F1 LM

The speed in this car is mind-blowing, with an estimated speed of 225 mph and hitting 60 mph in three seconds. Five cars were built and three were shipped. The interior and exterior matched the GTR race car with minor changes. 

3. 1957 Jaguar XKSS

The Jaguar XKSS is a limited edition vehicle made for comfort, which went against the grain to include a luggage grid & extra luxury trim. These days, this car would be worth up to $18 million at an auction.

4. 1989 Cizeta-Moroder V16T

As one of the fastest cars around, the Cizeta-Moroder has a speed of 100mph in 9.4 seconds and a top speed of 204 mph. As a fun fact, the designers behind the Cizeta were also responsible for the original Lamborghini Countach.

5. 1960 Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato

The Aston Marin is one of the rarest and most valued collectible vehicles (with only 19 cars produced in the 1960s). It was also one of the first cars to be the result of a collaboration between two companies (Aston Martin & Zagato).  

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